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雨ニモマケズ / 宮澤賢治  | Japanese songs
「雨ニモマケズ」 宮澤賢治
“Not losing to the Rain” / by Miyazawa Kenji
雨にも負けず           not losing to the rain

風にも負けず           not losing to the wind

雪にも夏の暑さにも負けぬ     not losing to the snow nor to summer's heat

丈夫なからだをもち        with a strong body

慾はなく             unfettered by desire

決して怒らず           never losing temper

いつも静かに笑っている      cultivating a quiet joy

一日に玄米四合と         every day four bowls of brown rice

味噌と少しの野菜を食べ      miso and some vegetables to eat

あらゆることを          in everything

自分を勘定に入れずに       count yourself last and put others before you

よく見聞きし分かり        watching and listening, and understanding

そして忘れず           and never forgetting

野原の松の林の陰の        in the shade of the woods of the pines of the fields

小さな萱ぶきの小屋にいて     being in a little thatched hut

東に病気の子供あれば       if there is a sick child to the east

行って看病してやり        going and nursing over them

西に疲れた母あれば        if there is a tired mother to the west

行ってその稲の束を負い      going and shouldering her sheaf of rice

南に死にそうな人あれば      if there is someone near death to the south

行ってこわがらなくてもいいといい going and saying there's no need to be afraid

北に喧嘩や訴訟があれば      if there is a quarrel or a suit to the north

つまらないからやめろといい    telling them to leave off with such waste

日照りの時は涙を流し       when there's drought, shedding tears of sympathy

寒さの夏はおろおろ歩き      when the summer's cold, wandering upset

みんなにでくのぼーと呼ばれ    called a blockhead by everyone

褒められもせず          without being praised

苦にもされず           without being blamed

そういうものに          such a person

わたしはなりたい         I want to become
America have seen too many successful people with out physical hard working since Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. created investment wining program call "the fast track".

Since then, "American dream hasn't been all about "hard working".

People in USA even call other who work so hard get small amount of money call stupid.

I went to watch a movie call "Runner Runner" The message the movie had was awful....

"Life is all about money", You can buy off people's mind. How can audience think the character Justin Timberland was in is so cool?

7 Years later....... After I moved to USA.

My life slowly started form some thing and see my future financial plan.

I had no choice, I had to work hard to create move my life to next stage. Because, I don't have any family financial history...........

I truly appreciate this poem written by Kenji Miyazawa.

"Ameni mo makezu"

We study this poem at school over and over, also we hear this on NHK (Japanese nation TV station) every
single day.

Yes, you may be abled to build your life up easer if your parents have money to give you, or you have education history in this country. You can only rely on to your ”Labor" if you don't have resources.

I see a lot of people sitting on the street complaining about how their underprivileged life.

It must be hard for young people to see this reality of "have and have not" on this land.

Because it's so obvious.

But, It is what it is.......

We must move on with our hard working.

I wish American kids born in poor family also can learn this poet by Kenji Miyazawa and motivated.

That's why folks, I put up this poet here today.

Then, guys like Steve Macqueen or Ken Takakura (Japanese actor who is similar to Macqueen character)

There was a time guys who work so hard and quiet were called "sexy guy"..........

"No lose in the Rain!"

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