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北の宿から(From Northern Lodge)  | Japanese songs

Japanese song corner!


What I chose today is Harumi Miyako! "Kita no yado kara" means "From Northern Lodge"

Well, Year 1975. We already had influence of Suffragette or Free sex movement from abroad.

But listening to this song sounds like pulled back in Meiji period.

This lady had broken up with a guy while ago is still caring for him.

And, saying "Let me die for you".

Wow, too heavy........right?

OK, before start to describe about this song. Let's try to figure out about something related to virginity in japan.

Our country Japan still have low rate of first sexual experience in Jr. High students. It's only less than 3%.

Compare to other developed country It's not that high.

In that way, this song might be telling the way women in Japan should be.

But wait minutes.......

She is saying  ”Putting a make up before going to my bed“.

Means she had some kind of physical contact with him. And they were not married.

Once upon a time before 11th century....... We had custom of free sex.

It's written in a old book "The Pillow Book" (Makuta no soushi). A Boy visit a girls room and gave a poems.

She invite him in her room if she likes it.

And a person visit her room could be different person every night.

But, a marriage started to have political meaning in the samurai period.

Virginity had to be kept until her family find her one right one.

On the other hand, It wasn't the same way for poor people in the country side for long time.

Because, having more children meant more labors they can get.

Actually, some part of Japan kept the old way until we adapt American marriage way (individual marriage).

It wasn't cool for women to have sex before they get marry after Meiji Period.

Because free sex was classic and poor peoples way ......

There were still little bit of gap in between big city and country side with this history back ground.

70's was the age just started to adapt hippie way of living in Japan.

When that happen, it was cool for women to have the freedom of sex.

Oh boy, cool and not cool at the same time and same place.......

Aku You who wrote this song was feeling this unbalanced situation in our society.

That's why he wanted to write about a strong women who has free minded.

You may not get it from this lyrics......

Because, he tried to describe new way of thinking by braking the theory of writing "Enka"(Japanese traditional style song).

A woman who can't let a guy go from her mind and knitting his sweater, even though knowing he is not gonna wear.

There were little bit of tricks even native can confuse.

He didn't put an interrogation after expression of broken heart.

Instead of saying "Do I still love him?"

He wrote that "I still care for you".

He changed the traditional "Enka" way of expression.

Instead of using the sentence shows "she is confused and having no choice" to "She knows how she feels and it's her decision to make".

And Once she completes the sweater she will throw that away and forget about him.

Just like, you finish one pack of cigaret before you quit.

Off course she doesn't think that she really is going to die for him either.

She just saying it ,so that she can confuse him.

Aku You, was talking about his words later on like this.

Well, Most of people in Japan took this lyrics the other way.

Ironically, that triggered market expansion in Japanese society.

Because we still had been having a mixed thinking and confused about "free sex" .

Tradition had been changing too quickly both way and people couldn't catch up on it.

Some men thought that lady in this song is so modest, some thought she is advanced.

This song was a one of biggest hit song in Japan back then.
Hey Darling, Anything new around you lately?
It's getting colder here each single day.
I'm knitting a sweater for you, even though you won't wear.
I am staving off the cold here with out you.
I still care for you, my heart is calling you.
Loving you my darling, far from Northern Lodge.

Sound of the Rail road track running thru snow storm
It sounded like someone is crying and sobbing
Two glass down on the counter, Drinking all alone.
I singing a sad song for me and you
I still care for you, my heart is calling you.
Loving you my darling, far from Northern Lodge.

Hey my Darling, Can I die for my love for you?
My heart is crying for you with out a sound.
Putting a make up before going to my bed
A face on the window just feeling so blue
I still care for you, my heart is calling you.
Loving you my darling, far from Northern Lodge.


あなた変わりは ないですか
日毎寒さが つのります
着てはもらえぬ セーターを
寒さこらえて 編んでます
女心の 未練でしょう
あなた恋しい 北の宿

吹雪まじりに 汽車の音
すすり泣くよに 聞こえます
お酒ならべて ただ一人
涙唄など 歌います
女心の 未練でしょう
あなた恋しい 北の宿

あなた死んでも いいですか
胸がしんしん 泣いてます
窓にうつして 寝化粧を
しても心は 晴れません
女心の 未練でしょう
あなた恋しい 北の宿

テーマ=演歌/歌謡曲 - ジャンル=音楽

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