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Christmas Eve / Tatsuro Yamashita  | Japanese songs

What's up folks!

It's Christmas baby! I am going to introduce a Japanese Christmas song by Tatsuro Yamashita!!!

He has Japanese and English both versions.

It's about the difference of Christmas in Japan and here in united states or the Europe.

As you guys already know, Christmas is based on the earliest evidence of the Christian liturgical feast of the birth of Jesus.

But in Japan, Christmas has been adopted from America. After World War 2. But the meaning of it is not coming from religion, and it's not even a holiday.

Most likely we have just took joyful feeling of Christmas day.

Everything are re innovated to commercial event for department store or food companies.

People in Japan tried to forget their poor life at least on the day of Christmas, and Christmas cake was one of extravagant which they wanted eat only once a year.

Also, Santa Claus comes to our towns too.

The reason why I picked this song is, I wanted explain how important Christmas is for couples on the day of Christmas.

Christmas in Japan is known as "couples day"

Once a year boys & girls will make a couple and go on a date.

They officially can spend the night. Well they tell their Mom and Dad that they are going out with their friends though.

I guess this custom came from prom and mistletoe story.

Japanese young people wanted to live like feel like western young people for the day of Christmas.

So, this song is all about "boy couldn't save his love with her until Christmas day.

Just like American teenager couldn't get a prom date.

It is so lonely and sad without a perter right?

Here in United States, you will spend your Christmas with your family, but Japanese grown ups are different.

They have to find someone to spend time together.

that's all about this song.

雨は夜更け過ぎに 雪へと変わるだろう

Silent night, Holy night

きっと君は来ない ひとりきりのクリスマスイブ

Silent night, Holy night

心深く 秘めた想い 叶えられそうもない

必ず今夜なら 言えそうな気がした

Silent night, Holy night

まだ消え残る 君への想い 夜へと降り続く

街角にはクリスマスツリー 銀色のきらめき

Silent night, Holy night

All alone I watch the quiet rain
Wonder if it's gonna snow again
Silent night holy night

I was praying
You'd be here with me
What it used to be
Silent night holy night
For Christmas

Somewhere far away
The sleighbells ring
I remember
When we used to sing
Silent night holy night

I keep you inside me
Oh the turth is unspoken
So my heart won't be broken
On christmas

They lit the trees
Along with avenue
Twinkling silver with a touch of blue
Silent night holy night

テーマ=クリスマス・ソング - ジャンル=音楽

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