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Yes・No / OFF COURS  | Japanese songs

Hi Folks! Long time no see, yeah?

Japanese song I picked today is "Yes・No" by OFF COURS (1969-1989).
They were one of most influential "folk" and Rock bands.

The reason why I picked this song is that this song stood on the freedom of expression line.

This song was released in 1980. It was normal to avoid using some words related to sexual expression.

Believe or not 『君を抱いていいの?』 "Can I hold you tight?" use to be also one of them.

Because "Hold you" contain the meaning of "Make Love" in Japan.

TV stations and Radio stations refused to on air this song. Off COURS had to suffer from media slander.

But, how young people react against this song was completely different. They felt that this is the new way to express there feeling. Every body started to listen to OFF COURS.

This song brought them up to stardom.  After Half centuries of "Lady Chatterlay's Lover"

"NORMA JEAN" was there, "Elvis" was there, and "Beatles" "Airosmith" "Sex pistols" Prince" etc.....

A lot of artists have been fought against old values. We all have to remember why we have our freedom today.

It's because of them, OFF COURS!
Yes・No / OFF COURS translated by coolcuts

Excuse me what did you just say ?
Looking at you without liveliness
I couldn't let my other thought go away.

Do you have any one in your mind?
Just pretend you hadn't heard any thing.
If you don't want to give me any answer.

Can I hold you tight oh, baby.
Don't you mind if I love you?

Can I hold you tight oh, baby.
where's your heart going to be.

Words can not describe every thing.
It so hard to explain how I'm feeling.
I just can't let my mind off of you.

Well, you are smiling again to me.
Just like you're playing on my feelings.
Your scents have been falling all over me.

Can I hold you tight oh, baby.
Don't you mind if I love you?
Can I hold you tight oh, baby.
Our summer is just passing by.

Ah, Time is wrapping us and floating without a sound.
Are you all right, It's cold out here.
Thank you for today. I see you tomorrow?

You Don't have to listen to any thing, Please don't even see anything.
You Don't have to see any thing, any thing that make you feel sorrow.

Can I hold you tight oh, baby.
Oh, where, where are thou your heart?
Can I hold you tight oh, baby.
Don't you mind if I love you?



聞こえない ふりをすればいい

君を抱いていいの 好きになってもいいの
君を抱いていいの 心は今 何処にあるの

言葉がもどかしくて うまくいえないけど
君の事ばかり 気になる

ほら また 笑うんだね ふざけているみたいに
今 君の匂いがしてる

君を抱いていいの 好きになってもいいの
君を抱いていいの 夏が通り過ぎてゆく

ああ時は音をたてずに ふたりつつんで流れてゆく
ああ、そうだね すこし寒いね 今日はありがとう

何もかも聞かないで 何も 何も見ないで
君を悲しませるもの 何も 何も見ないで

君を抱いていいの 心は今 何処に あるの
君を抱いていいの 好きになってもいいの

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