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さくら(Sakura) by Naotaro Moriyama  | Japanese songs

Folks! This song make me cry this time of a year.

” Sakura”  by Naotaro Moriyama.

Make me think about family in Japan and friends.

It's the season of Sakura Viewing in Japan right now!

All the friends in Japan are having a lot of parties with their friend & family, oh and co-workers.

What they do? Just eat & drink, Get drunk under the cherry blossom.

Some will sing so loud with Karaoke.

Some are drunk enough to dance in a public. Some even don't go to see Sakura, Straight to go to Bar & drink.

Yap! ♪ Oh~! Japanese just wanna have fun. ♬

This song call "Sakura" is one of most popular sakura song in modern age.
And It's about after graduation from High school or college.

Students started new grade or new life in season of Sakura Viewing already.

Usually we will meet this time of a year again after graduation and have fun and say good bye.
Some continue the relationship or some don't see each other any more.

However, they spent more than 3 years at same school, and full filled with a lot of memories.

♪ It's soooo~  har----d to say good by---e for yesterda~~y. ♬

Isn't it ?
We're looking forward to have the time to see each other in the future.
Under the row of Cherry trees, facing me and you. Waving each other & shouting.
Bitter & sweet we've took. You always have been smiling.
Even when I was weak, I could go on because of you.
I hear the song we sung the day, in my fuzzy memories.

Sakura, Sakura proudly blooming now.
Even if the life is so short
Good bye my friend
It's our departure !
Let's take our life time ambitious with us.

I wonder if I can say those words now? I truly wishing your glory for the future
from bottom of my heart ?
City sight continuously changing and make us rush to move on.

Sakura, Sakura, It's just falling on and on, and on.
Believeing that they will Reincarnat someday.
Don't cry my friends for a parting
Let's simply smile each other, and say "see you later".

Sakura, Sakura, fly into the sky
Shower us growly eternal light
Good bye my friends
See you again at same place again
On the road where Sakura falling on

さくら / 森山直太郎
  僕らはきっと待ってる 君とまた会える日々を
  桜並木の道の上で 手を振り叫ぶよ
  どんなに苦しいときも 君は笑っているから
  挫けそうになりかけても 頑張れる気がしたよ

  さくら さくら 今咲き誇る
  さらば友よ 旅立ちの時
  変わらないあの想いを 今

  今なら言えるだろうか 偽りのない言葉
  輝ける君の未来を 願う本当の言葉
  移りゆく街はまるで 僕らを急かすように

  さくら さくら ただ舞い落ちる
  泣くな友よ今 惜別の時
  飾らないあの笑顔で さあ

  さくら さくら いざ舞い上がれ
  さらば友よまた この場所で会おう

テーマ=j-pop - ジャンル=音楽

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Hey! Kiss san!! ほんまに良い歌ですね!
I saw your great pics of Sakura. I miss Japan a lot.
"I think that SAKURA is a connection for us to bound with old and new"
↑ I guess it's symbolic image of "revitalize" or the "reincarnation"
Each day of our life might be pursuing next full bloom.
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はろ~、coolcuts! This is one of my most favorite songs! Thanks for sharing!:) As a Japanese I always like this time of year. In this season of SAKURA, the state of our mind is kind of complicated: we embrace excitement to see someone new, something new! at the same time, sadness to say goodbye to someone. And with these feeling, SAKURA is always there inseparably. I think that SAKURA is a connection for us to bound with old and new.
【2010/04/19 09:38】 URL | kiss [ 編集] | page top↑




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