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忘れてはいけないもの Things you shouldn't forget / Rimi Natsukawa -  | Japanese songs

Long time no see folks!

Lately, I've been watching Japanese traditional Samurai drama "Ten Chi Jin".

Long long time ago, 15 century in Japan... Our country was having civil war for long time. You couldn't trust anybody, even your own father would try to kill you for national unification.

In those kind of extreme days, Kenshin Uesugi & his soldiers kept there "義”(Justice) & "愛" (Love), and They had never be defeated with strong bond. This historical story became the symbol of fair play. We all want to believe that "Love" & "Justice" will always win the game aren't we?

This wonderful, wonderful, beautiful story can take you to deep inside of Japanese mind.

This series is 45 stories & 45 minutes each. My English got worse by the time I finish watching it.

well, it's pay back time for me. Japanese song corner!!!

This song ”忘れてはいけないもの”(Things you shouldn't forget) was written by Kobukuro, and a person singing this song is Rimi Natsukawa. She is one of most skillful singer in Japan, and my favorite too.

She was born and raised in Okinawa Japan. Which is southernmost small island.
They have their own peculiar singing technique, because Okinawa used to be an independent country.

What is your most important thing?

If I ask that to you, you might say "family" or "love one" or "Kids".........

"Love" you dedicate to someone else.

I feel the same way. But, how am I suppose to figure out?

What kind of shape do "the Love" have?

What kind of color do they have?

what kind of sound do they make?

The reason why I put up this song today is, because I feel like that I can hear "The sound of Love" by listening to this song.

The voice you can hear when you close your eyes...............
忘れてはいけないものThings you should never forget

Song by Kentaro Obuchi / Lyrics by Masatoku Sasamichi/ translation coolcuts

You have told me that the more you love someone, The farther a person gets. And she's looking after you
from so far away with the loving sweet gentle eyes.

You have told me that the sound of two hearts link. It sound like that tears & smile
full filled with the joy of ours, and spread over our faces

Now I hear the things that you haven't taught me yet when you were here.
Far from the sky, with the familiar & lovely beautiful voice.

Things that still be staying gold without no bit of a fade
are the things that you shouldn't never forget.

You used to sing for me with the gentle voice,
It sounded like a someone strain their ears to hear
your voice in the other side of the mother ocean.

you used to sing for me with the gentle voice,
It sounded like that the voice nestle against my heart.
The shadows in the delight, and the light in the sorrow.

Now I hear the songs that you haven't sang for me yet when you were here.
From the bottom of my heart, with the familiar & lovely beautiful voice.
Things that's always giving me the strength to carry on
are the things that you shouldn't never forget.

You must have already known which way I will take.
A flower I found today is also the flower you left there.
It's must be a marker that nobody can see except me.

詞曲:小渕健太郎 編曲:笹路正徳

あなたは教えてくれました 大切な人ほどいつも
一番遠い場所で 見ている事を
あなたは教えてくれました 心と心 つながる音は

あなたが 教えてくれなかった事が 今
空遠く 懐かしい声で聴こえてきます
時の流れに 色あせぬもの 忘れてはいけないもの

あなたば歌ってくれました まるで海の向こうに誰か
あなたは歌ってくれました 心のそばへ 寄り添うように
喜びのかげと 悲しみの光を

あなたが 歌ってくれなかった歌が 今
胸深く 懐かしい声で聴こえてきます
いつも私に 力をくれる 忘れてはいけないもの

あなたは知っていたのでしょう 私がこうしてゆく道を
今日も見つけたあの花は きっとあなたが 置いていった
誰にも見えない 道しるべでしょう

テーマ=邦楽 - ジャンル=音楽

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