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なごり雪 Nagori Yuki / Iruka  | Japanese songs

Hi folks! A Japanese song I introduce today is  ”なごり雪” ( Nagori Yuki ) Iruka sings!

I still remember the day when I took my girl friend to Iruka concert and listened to this song together after graduated from high school. Oh ~"Poppy Love".

Title for this song means "Unseasonable Snow" , This Song is about Separation of college graduated couple lived in Tokyo.

The shape of Japan is long towards north to south, and the length is about a thousand km.
It' s almost same size as California. Capital city of Japan, Tokyo placed in the middle of main land.
You can commute here from almost every where in Japan by train within a day.

Dramas are always happening on the platform at the station.

A girl came from some where in Japan most likely country side. If you are living in US, and then try to put yourself in same situation. You are living in NY and have a girl friend from Idaho or some where else. Young people want to spend their college life in big city, and end up going back to their own home town after graduate. Especially when it comes to girls parents often force them to go back.

Why? It's about marriage man! Parents want daughter to live crosser, so that they can look after her when she is having a trouble with her housebound or they wont to see grandchildren often more.

On the other hand, Boys have ambitious, and parents of boys wish their sons successes. There are more opportunities for boys in big city like Tokyo. Parents tend to be sacrifice their ego.

Any way, only she has to go back to her home town, but They still love each other. This song is that simple!

What I like about this song is that the way Shouzo Ise who wrote this song express the boy's feelings.

How he doesn't wont the train to come.

How he hesitate to loose her.

I don't really need to explain about this lyrics. Cause these kind of feelings are almost the same all over the world right?

Only difference in this story is seasonal setting.

We have Graduation in March and start a new school or new life in April.

School system is little bit deferent compare to US.

That's why young students love often will be so unsure in the spring time, just like Unseasonable Snow melts quickly under the worm spring weather.

I translated this song to fit in the melodies. It might be difficult to sing with it, but I tried my best...
Nagori Yuki / Shouzo Ise / coolcuts

I sneak a look at clock hands
while we are waiting for your train
Unseasonable snow falling in town
"This might be the last snow for me to see in Tokyo"
She whispered with her lonely smile
It seems like that snowflakes know when to fall on us
After all silly days that we all of us went thru

The spring has come, You're blooming.
You are so beautiful
More and more than the last year
you are so beautiful

Put your face crosser to the window of the train
You are trying to say something,
but the carriage started move, and I looked down
I could not let you finish your words
cause I was so scared to see that your lips will describe "saying good bye"

We never knew that the little girl would grown up so first
Now my babe leaving me, knowing I can't forget you

The spring has come, You're blooming.
You are so beautiful
More and more than the last year
you are so beautiful

Now you left me alone on the Platform covered with snow
Looking at unseasonable snow melting and dripping down

The spring has come, You're blooming.
You are so beautiful
More and more than the last year
you are so beautiful


  今 春が来て君はきれいになった

  時が行けば 幼い君も
  大人になると 気付かないまま
  今 春が来て君はきれいになった

  落ちてはとける 雪を見ていた
  今 春が来て君はきれいになった



テーマ=懐かしい歌謡曲 - ジャンル=音楽

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