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Cosmos (秋桜)Momoe Yamaguchi  | Japanese songs

Hi Folks! Japanese song corner!!!

Uooo ! retro・・・・.

Momoe Yamaguchi, She was hip! long time ago though.

In 1970s, She had been the most popular female pop song singer in Japan.

All the boys (baby boomer age) wanted have her as a wife.

But, she broke all the guys heart.

She decided to stop her career to get marry with her housebound in 1980.

She had been called [utahime 歌姫] which means queen of pop, even though she only sang for 7 and half years. 

Although Japan is known as kind of machismo country, It was so sensational to see some one like her who is most successful female sacrificing her own career for marriage.

But people in Japan liked her so much because of that. We had been rushed to change too quick after world war ?. I assume that her decision was welcomed by japanese society, because we must needed some kind of balance in between our modern age culture and tradition. And we had never forgot her, and kept her growly in our mind since then.

I wanted to introduce this song because there are so many clue to understand about the relationship in between mom & daughter, and meaning of marriage and family in japanese tradition.

This song is like Hemingway's novels. There are no a persons feeling described in the story. Actions of casts are the clue to understand their feelings. I think Masashi Sada who wrote this song is really good at it.

Understanding of this rylics

【季語 】Kigo/season word.

For instance, "【秋桜】Cosmos " is a season word of fall, and also 【小春日和】Koharubiyori / Indian summer is a season word of late fall to beginning of winter.

He is describing warmth by using those season words. 【日だまり】sun spot, also you can feel it only when weather is cold.

Differences of temperature are describing sweetness & bitterness.

【阿吽】A - hum

You often see a pair of A - hum statue if you go to shrine in Japan. One of statue is opening it's mouth say"A" and Another one is closing it's mouth say " Hum"

【あ】[A] is the fast letter of Japanese alphabet and 【ん】[hum] is the last one out of 55 sounds. I f someone says " A" the other already under stand in between [A] to [hum].

Simply this statues means "Try to figure out things with out no words were given.".

It had been said that [A- hum] is nice way of relationship in Japan.

That's why we will be touched by the explanation for the sean when mom is coughing in the back yard. Mom is hiding from the daughter, but she already knew that mom is crying by the way it sounds.


We usually do not hug & kiss each other once kids are already grown up in Japan. Bride is sitting half tatami mat apart when she says good bye to her own family. Sitting on her heels, bows deep like they can touch their forehead on the tatami.

【嫁ぐ】 Marry into

Marriage is contract in between family and family in traditional way of thinking.
Idea of Marriage is that bride's family will lose her and bride will marry into groom's family. Bride had to follow all the rules of other family have in their house which often gave them bitterness.

How you feel Mom's love towards bride isn't by hearing "I love you" from her. Looking at mom's back of shoulder when she coughs, or how mom is absorbed in looking at pictures. Also the sean when mom has been worried about daughter in her head even when they were having the great time.


By the way cosmos means [decoration] in Greek. Universe was started to call 【Cosmos】because of that Stars are looking like decorations of the sky.  【花言葉】 flower word is affection of women.
Cosmos / written by Masashi Sada

Pink cosmoses swinging in the sunny spot
on an ordinary day of fall.

Lately Mom is kind a sentimental,
and she coughed once in the back yard.

Opening albums, sitting on the porch
and talk about my childhood memories over and over .
with small voice like she is just talking herself.

your kindness just soak through my body
under the warm and calm Indian summer.
She said " time will melt all the hard feelings that you might get
and, you end up talking about it as funny stories.
Telling me that "not to worry anything." with her smile

If I look back and think about my past,
there were no single day when I was alone.
I bit my lip for my selfishness what I have done to you.
You might say ”The ball game is over”.

Helping me with a packing for tomorrow,
we were having so much fun together.
all the sudden, mom started cry and say
"Take care OK?" over and over.

I will remind myself to thank you forever
and live my own life as I am.
Let me be your daughter little more time
under the warm and calm Indian summer.

秋桜(コスモス)/作詞 さだまさし
作曲 さだまさし



心配いらないと 笑った




テーマ=懐かしい歌謡曲 - ジャンル=音楽

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