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Africangular  | デザインの視点
I had not been used to cut Hair style of African American before I moved to US. One time when I cut my nephews hair. Every body said that the style was so old school. I didn't know why they said that at that time. But, I slowly started to get it after I started work for American salon.

【Street fasion history 】 was describing how African American loved their hat & wigs in 1920~1930s 

In the movie "Malcolm X " There was one sean Malcom was relaxing his hair in his young age. His character at the moment was a young boy who has no pride as a African. That was in 1950's.

Like Chris Gardner said in his book "pursuit of happiness", A lot of them started to grow their hair longer in late 1960's. Yes, it might be part of "Hippie movement ". But also because they went through ”Civil rights” I think.  I believe that African American started to have strong faith in them self since then.

All the people in the nation had been wishing to live as the way they were.

"Black is beautiful"

Afro hair was Exaggerated Round Shape, symbolic design of African American Identity.

African Americans truly started to have fun with their hair designs. Because they did't need to change texture of their hair or hide any more.

In the movie "Purple Rain" ,Prince was getting permanent wave and, He was creating Exaggerated Rectangle shape more than it could be.

Fundamental of human been have two fazes. One is "Modernism" other is "Naturalism"

As highest creature in this nature, people try to control nature on our earth. But on the other hand, We have to admit that we are only part of our nature. Those two totally different ideas have been pulling rope each other now on. That's why we continually had to change the idea of living style and balancing out. Some time we go with the wind, some time we tried to against it.

1940's-1960's America went through War. 70's was going towards peace. Both are caused by humans "Desire". But when people wanted have peaceful life, They started grow their hair.

1980's African American started cut thier hair short and they had squarish shape. They danced like a robot. They called it " Break dance.

The style I created on nephews hair was this type of design. "flat top square".

゛Cold war" geopolitical tensions between the USSR and its Western European

World had been keeping its balance by two huge military country. Systems had to control the world or else something worst might had happened.

All the cultural themes had been based on modernism in those days. Buildings which built during that time was square form and, didn't have any gaiety decorations. This Architectural Design was symbol of the world which governed by people not a power.

The Berlin Wall  1989, One of huge military country (USSR) collapse.

Border lines for a lot of thing has been dissolved by the time Berlin Wall collapsed. Border in between Rich and poor, Major and Minority, Men and Women, Kid and Adults.

Finally first African American President was elected in 2009.

What kind of design will be coming out for the next generation ? It's not only square nor round, or the triangular. We have more choice to choose from a lot of elements.

This design is created by using several kind of comb, and configured with different shade of tear drop shapes.

Round + Triangular+ Rounded Flat top


We are surching for new shapes in new generation values.

テーマ=ヘアケア・ヘアスタイリング - ジャンル=ファッション・ブランド

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